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Thread: How to "Search for a Movie"

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    Default How to "Search for a Movie"

    If you post movies there is 2 ways to search, both of these options guarantee that you do not post a duplicate 100% and either or WILL be used by all those who wish to post movies.

    1. Sort by Thread

    Clicking the thread button will reload the page and all threads will be sorted alphabetically just browse through the pages until you get to the letter your movie starts with.


    2. ABC Function

    Basically the same thing as the one above just a little less threads as you only sort the As OR Bs or which ever letter the movie starts with you are looking for.

    See all the letters? Just find the one your movie starts with and click it. I have pressed A in the picture so only all threads that start with the letter A will be displayed after the page reloads BUT they are not listed alphabetically so if you want them to be click the little arrow next to the A and a new drop down menu will appear.

    Make sure you see Thread Title and then press Ascending and all of the A movies will be sorted alphabetically. 100% reliable to not post duplicates.

    Those 2 options are the ONLY way how people who post movies can ensure not creating duplicate posts and as itis very possible to search this way very simple as well there is no reason for duplicate posts IF people care about the site and not just their own post count they WILL use 1 of those 2 search functions mentioned above.

    If you are a regular member and just want to search for a movie there are 2 additional ways that beat the built in search function.

    1. Search by Section

    If you know which year the movie was made you can go directly to the section made for that year.

    It works better because it only searches THAT section nothing else, but it isnt 100% reliable so if you come up empty you still might want to search how I've described how to search above in the first two examples. *Hint you can also search for a certain host this way. Instead of the movie you are looking for just put for example "megavideo" in the search bar and press Go. You will only get movies hosted on megavideo returned from that particular section. This is brilliant if you have a favorite host.

    2. Search by Prefix

    Another way to search by host only ( if you have a favorite host like megavideo etc.)

    Go to the yearly section like 2010. Scroll all the way down.

    Open the drop down menu and choose the prefix of the host you like best and click show threads.

    These 4 ways sure beat the search function that is built in

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    Thanks, this is good information for new members.

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    great explain thanks bro