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    Default Error Messages

    You may see a error message when posting, this means you have done something wrong. Posting is blocked to stop the need for things to be moderated later on.

    Streaming Movies.

    If you see this message it likely you have tried to post a movie with download links in a streaming section.

    The correct posting format for streaming Movies is.


    1. IMDB URL wrapped in IMDB BBcode.
    2. Each Streaming Link wrapped in PLAY BBcode.

    Movie Downloads.

    Every Movie must contain a IMDB url or your post wont be submitted.


    General Downloads.

    Every download must include a relevant image if no image is posted you will have to add one.


    If the imagehost for the 1st image in your post is down posting wont be allowed, Use a working imagehost. If you are sure posting should work send me a PM with the image you tried posting.

    If the 1st image in your post isn't relevant to the post it will be blocked, if you carry on posting no relevant images you will end up banned.

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    Nice features

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    The error I received is the second to the last image above. But the URL of the image is working fine.