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Thread: Keeping Yourself Safe on the Net

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    Default Keeping Yourself Safe on the Net

    This site is advertisement free so you wont encounter any nasty popups or re-directs trying to install add-ware on your PC. But the same can't be said when visiting external links.

    When viewing/downloading Movies. All external sites have advertising, sometimes people will buy advertising space on these sites to spread viruses or malware.

    If your device/software isn't up to date you put yourself at more risk of these advertisements being effective, The following suggestions will help you keep your PC free from Malware.

    • Updates.
      1. Windows Update
        Always ensure your operating system is up-to date, I know some people don't like updating but it protects you from Common exploits & fixes many bugs.

      2. Browser Updates
        Always ensure you are using the latest version of your browser ie.Firefox

      3. Browser Plugins/Addons
        Always ensure installed browser Plugins/Addons are updated to the latest version.

      4. Flash Player
        Always have the latest version of Flash Player installed.

        When visiting Adobe to get flash player your will notice 'Optional Extras' This is common when installing any free software, Always read before you click to install Any Software and un-check Optional Extras Don't just blindly click Next,Next,Install.

      5. General Software
        Always make sure installed software is updated to the latest version, some exploits will make use of outdated software.

    • Anti Virus.
      1. Only have 1 installed Anti Virus, If you have more than 1 Anti Virus application running it will cause problems with your PC and at least slow things down.

      2. Never install anything Advertised in a popup that advertises to be a Antivirus, PC Cleaner/Optimiser or anything that says you are infected with a Virus, Well just never install Anything from a POPUP.

      3. Use a Reputable Antivirus, If you don't spend any money on the net 1 thing I would recommend is to pay for a Anti Virus, Some Are listed here, I use NOD32 Antivirus (Not the bloated security suite)

      4. Always do a Full System Scan after installing a new Anti Virus.

    • Add Blocker.
      1. Install Add Blockers for all your installed browsers, This makes browsing the net a better experiance and will block many nasty popups trying to hijack your computer.

    • PC Cleanup.

      There is really only 1 Pc cleaner you need to use.

      CCleaner Will remove all junk from your computer keeping it running fast, There are many Features including removing tracking Cookies.

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    Use a vpn would be the best idea...

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    I know what a vpn is used for and have also hidden behind proxies for years. You should always hide your ip is what I mean when watching or downloading streams no matter what country your from...

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