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Thread: Down under, we are burning.

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    Default Down under, we are burning.

    Thanks for the add. However the confirmation email never arrived, do you'll not send them anymore?

    Australian here, much of my country is burning, I figured I'd be safe in here.

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    Thanks for the Welcome.
    Checked the spam, not their buddy. Did a test email, my send receive is fine.

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    Welcome to Movie-Forum

    I will check the email server some more, every time I test it everything is good.

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    Welcome to MF, ants.
    Enjoy your stay here.

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    Hello ants, fellow Aussie here, im only new here myself but welcome to Movie-Forums. The fires are terrible i hope they aren't to close to you. Take care

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    Welcome to

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    My thoughts & support are sent you all Aussie folks. I sincerely wish an immediate end to all wildfires, in the land of Oz, you folks are tough, but human. Any way I can send a small financial donation to a local, authentic Aussie charity, please PM, me

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    the bushfires just killing us

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    Iím sorry for what happened to you guys in Australia. Best wishes.