Genre: Thriller Age Rating: 12 Rating: 4.1
 Storm (1999) (View More Info)
IMDB User Ratings: 4.0 (691 votes)
Storm 1999 Cover
DirectorHarris DoneMusicNathan Wang
Year 1999Runtime 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Country USAProduction Jeffery Beach James Hollensteiner Christian McIntire
IMDB Rating 4.0Language English, Swedish
Genre Thriller CastLuke Perry , Martin Sheen , Robert Knott
On August 23, 1992, a black-ops research program led by General Roberts perfected a device to control the weather. It was launched from a specially outfitted plane and tested for the first time. But control of the machine was lost, and within hours a deadly hurricane had formed. It became the greatest natural disaster since the San Francisco Earthquake - Hurricane Andrew. In the wake of this catastrophe, all evidence of the program was buried. Seven years later, General Roberts has revived the top-secret project. He recruits ambitious meteorologist Ron Young, who has developed software that directs weather systems. The STORM device, now equipped with this software, has been launched into a weather front 300 miles off the California coast. Moments after the device has whipped the storm into a full-blown hurricane, Roberts orders it targeted at Mexico. The storm has grown in power to a super-hurricane, with wind speeds exceeding 400 miles per hour. A struggle on board the plane ensues, ...

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