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     The Stranger I Married (2005) (More Info)
    IMDB User Ratings: 6.0 (337 votes)
    The Stranger I Married 2005 Cover
    DirectorHelen ShaverMusicChristopher Dedrick
    Year 2005Runtime 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    Country CanadaProducer Suzette Couture ,Susan Murdoch ,Julian T. Pinder ,Pierre Sarrazin ....
    IMDb Rating 6.0Language English
    Genre Biography, Drama, Sport CastDavid James Elliott , Wendy Crewson , Katie Boland , Clare Stone ....
    Terry Evanshen had a perfect life: at twelve he met Lorraine, his true love, future wife and mother of his three daughters Tara, Tracy and Jennifer, and decided to become an Canadian football star, which the hunk did brilliantly. Then a car accident puts him in a deep coma he's unlikely to survive. When he awakes anyway, Lorraine hopes that his amnesia, which reduces every aspect of his past to meaningless bits and flashes, will also be temporary and takes him home, but the grim prognosis of permanent brain damage causing nasty character disturbance seems to come true, as his behavior is erratic and so aggressive he scares everyone. Are Lorraine's flash-backs to happier days just a cruel memory, or can he learn to become their loving husband and dad again?

    Title: The Man Who Lost Himself AKA The Stranger I Married (2005)
    Year: 2005
    Category: Stream or Download or (both)
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