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Thread: How do you view your TV Shows/Movies

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    Default How do you view your TV Shows/Movies

    Hi, I'm just wondering how people view their TV Shows/Movies instead of using Plex or Emby.

    I'm looking for an alternative non-streaming service application that looks similar or works in the same way as the two mentioned products. The reason I can't use a streaming service is because my network is very slow and the quality turns out to be like 480p and pixelated.

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    Just out of curiosity, are all the files local on the same computer? Otherwise, if you set up shares on other machines and use things like Kodi or VLC, you will have the same issue (actually probably worse)? If all are local, I am working on a system similar to Plex.

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    I use Kodi to watch downloaded movies. No use on internet required aside for downloading part

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    I make a hotspot on my pc and use a vpn, I conect to the hotspot using my xbox one game system and watch streams anonymously with absolutely no buffer what so ever... also can download from most stream sites and save to an external usb drive plugged into the xbox one system...
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    I have a dedicated HTPC for movies and TV in the lounge room of my cabin. It's connected to a 60" TV and an AVR with a 5.1 speaker system.

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    I don't use the internet to see TV Shows but i do use it for Movies.

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    I just use a USB drive or connect the laptop to the TV, the old school no hassle method.

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    i use firestick and plex

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    Search the TV and movie section of this forum. Find links to several movies or TV shows and D/L with Rapidgator, store the TV and movies on a drive and watch what I want, when I want to see it.

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    I agree with cubic2001 doesn't need to pay to watch

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