Genre: Short \ Drama Quality: HDTV Rating: 6.4
 The Pledge (1981)
IMDB User Ratings: 6.4 (27 votes)
Director Digby Rumsey Music Michael Nyman
Year 1981 Runtime 0 Hour 22 Minutes
Country UKProducer Digby Rumsey
IMDb Ratings: 6.4 Languages English
Genres Short, Drama CastGlenn Cunningham, Ronald Forfar, Frank McDermott, Peter Rutherford, Roger Watkins
Set in England in 1790 the film begins by showing a pedlar walking through the Northern hills. He comes across a dead highwayman hanging from a gibbet. At a nearby inn the highwayman's former henchmen plot to fulfil their pledge to bury the body in a churchyard and send the highwayman's soul to paradise. In flashback we see the highwayman was a rapist, murderer and thief. In the black of night his comrades in crime cut him down and bury him in the tomb of an archbishop to free his soul. The film ends as the soul enters heaven to a chorus of angels.