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Thread: Plex (movie library)

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    Default Plex (movie library)

    I just gotta mention this 1 as I do not see it around here.

    Plex is a free (yes there a premium option, but totally not needed) movie streaming library.
    It allows you to make a library of all your movies/TV-shows/music.
    The limitation is: It can only play stuff you got on your server.

    Your server can be a pc or a NAS. (even cloud storage works)
    While running your server you can watch your movies/shows anywhere.

    Most appstores have the app. And most smart TV's also have the app.
    It basically looks a little bit like Netflix.
    Also when adding your movies, the program tries to find all info from sources as IMDB, like artists, plot, releasedate, covers. Even subtitles can be tried to automatically be searched for.
    Now comes the best part. You can share that server with friends.
    Or even better you can watch their stuff.

    Even total random guys are opening their servers for other people.
    I have seen servers with over 200 TB content (usually they ask for a fee of about 5$ a month though)

    Anyone else got plex?

    My server currently:

    Movies: 3000
    TV-Shows: 600 (about 23000 episodes)
    Not automated. (automated means you have some programs running to check the calender when certain TV-shows are airing. When those are done, the program starts searching for download sources, then it will add them to your library.)

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    Send me your plex site address in pm so I can check it out...maybe I can convert this site to plex and use as an app for app would be the ballz!

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    But you can not convert a site to Plex. Plex does not run streaming sites. No Openload or stuff for Plex.
    Your PC will do all the stuff, got to many people watching. Your processing power might not be sufficient. Resulting "lag" for people watching. (usually I have about 10 people watching without issues on my 10 year old pc)
    You might have use for Trakt.TV this site allows you to catalogue all your movies/shows. Giving people a place to search through your items and then place a request for it. (requesting just in the forum here)

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    Naw I would use for that...

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    Hey Skystormer,

    Thanks for the info - I had just drifted past the app on my Synology NAS (although currently I'm worried about my 24TB being connected to the web due to ransomware - I have security on my PC and take regular images with Acronis that take under an hour to restore but 24TB is too much to back up - I do burn to archive blurays but only critical stuff - the rest has to remain slightly 'at risk'
    I will try PLEX aout but wonder if you have any advice re NAS security in light of the current situation where ransomware has become much more common.

    Thanks again and I will start searching for my 4K Atmos content from PLEX servers as well as the usual sites...

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    to together,
    I have plex as well on my Synology NAS - together with JDownloader and filebot, this is actually quite awesome. For access from outside, you need to configure your fritzbox port forwarding - protection with tor etc might be difficult then - any experiences?

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    Went to the link in your description...nice

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    I use plex to play from my NAS then bought a plex-share sub from a reddit. Now I rarely have to use my own storage (NAS) or p2p

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    been using it for a few years. Love it once you figure out all of it's nuances. 3000 movies!! Holy cow!!

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    Plex is great! It's a bit finnicky with music but movies & tv work well on it.

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