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Thread: Cancelled TV Shows

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    Default Cancelled TV Shows

    Is see both Lucifer and The Expanse have been cancelled and are due to end after their current run.
    Two of my favourite shows atm.

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    What about "The Crossing" and "Taken"? These two have been my favs this year so far and unfortunately are due for the chop. Seems to me that sometimes the networks don't give the fan base time to develop?



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    A very exciting show that was cancelled after only 2 seasons is Timeless. Such a disappointment.

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    Is it true Amazon has picked up season 4 of "The Expanse"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snuffdaddy View Post
    Is it true Amazon has picked up season 4 of "The Expanse"?
    Yes, here's some info:
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    Yeah it's getting tougher to find a show we like because they cancel them at the drop of a hat.

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    On the other hand, they are also popping them out like it is nothing.
    1 great 1 of the other.

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    When they cancelled last man standing, I was upset. So glad Fox picked it up. Great News for me. lol. Not sure about the new cast members yet.

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    I need to understand how they or why they cancel certain shows with high ratings? Example I'm a mad Supergirl fan and I also watch a bit of Arrow & the Flash. I've also started watching Black Lightning. Each week I see someone posting about the ratings and I look at them and the numbers are low. Which by the standards are great. Now that's what's confusing because shouldn't the rating numbers be much higher? I don't understand and hope someone, ANYONE knows how they rate a show. Thanks in advance )

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    Glad to see the Expanse got picked up. Great show.

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