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Thread: Android vs iPhone

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    I'd go either.

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    Default Android vs iPhone

    Hi Ville,

    are RenderBeams working on your device? I do not see them in the Android emulator.

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    Iphone, I like facetime.

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    I prefer apple because of the many options and apps that are available. I started with apple with Apple 2GS and even before that I had an apple. When they came out with phones I'll admit I was skeptical because I had an android.Then I got a deal from Sprint back in 2001 and haven't looked back since about 2009. I just enjoy them much better and it seems they get better with each upgrade. But that just MY HO

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    Android. Based solely on SD card slot and headphone jack. I will never buy a phone with expandable storage and a headphone jack.

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    I prefer the iPhone, mostly because I'm the most used to it.

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    I never used an iPhone or any related product in my life, so I'm going with Team Android.

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    Prefer Android as I've been using 2 SIM phones for years rather than carry 2 phones. Up until now Apple didn't do 2 SIM handsets. Using the Oneplus 6 which is half the price of the Iphone XS Max. I see no reason to spend another 500 bucks just to get an Apple phone.

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    Prefer Android simply because it allows more freedom compared to closed system where you rely on on company for everything

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    I prefer Andriod because I never had a Iphone.

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