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Thread: Android vs iPhone

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    I would go with android

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    moved from iPhone to Android

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    I prefer Android, its open and the phones are technically better tech as there is competition from many makers. When Apple are the only game in town you get what they want you to have, when they want you to have it.
    Apple phones work very well only because the software is designed around the hardware, and visa versa. They are not cutting edge tech despite what they tell you and gimicks like face recognition etc might sell phones but you get nothing in real use terms for a lot more money than an android phone. Go spend the money it costs on for an Iphone on any android phone and you will be buying the top of the range across the board and all the money goes into the hardware not the OS. The samsung 8, sony XZ line and many others are significantly better phones than the current Iphone in almost every way and the you are not locked into paying through the nose for apps or the 18mth obsolete cycle that all apple products seem to have either Well that's me 2 pennies!

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    I'd have to go with Android just on choice and cost.

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    I would have to go with Andriod, more flexibility and not tied into iTunes.

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    Android for me - never liked Apple, cannot stand how you have to pay for more or less everything you use on them, not just applications - and have to use their branded items.


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    I will be buying a new phone in the next few month and it will be Android, Out of hardware choice available.

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    I prefer Android, but than again I've never had an iPhone to compare against.

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    I hate apple!

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