Tatiana Warden

Birth Name:Unknown

Nicknames: None

Body Height: 1.7 m

Producers Filmography
The Waiting 
A Brilliant Monster (2018) 
Private Possession (2018) 
Actors Filmography
Forest DarkDiane Colson
The WaitingAssistant Manager
Vice Squad: Atlanta (2019) 
Charlie on Cloud NineNurse Brand
Just a Date (2018)Tiffany
MacGyver (2019)Passer's Wife
Wake Up (2019)Mrs. Barnes
Grey Room: Haven's Mill (2018)Silver
The Messenger (2018)Liz
Vice Squad: Dallas (2018)Kristina Rajkovic / Kristina Rojkovic
Vice Squad: LA (2018)Kristina Rojkovic / Kristina Rajkovic
Vice Squad: Las Vegas (2018)Kristina Rajkovic
Vice Squad: NYC (2018)Kristina Rajkovic
Backlash (2018)Sasha
Samiya (2018)Ballet Teacher
Lady in Red Metal (2018)Elise
A Brilliant Monster (2018)Mitch's Mother
Private Possession (2018)Kassandra
BlackJack: Weddings Can Be Fatal (2018)Tonya
Final Thoughts (2018)Curator
G.I.A. (2018)Russian G.I.A.
Angel and the Beast (2017)Melinda
REPLICA (2017)Nina Llaurent
The Bailey Case: Preternatural (2017)Tristan Daniels
Dream Weaver Chronicles (2017)Corporal Sharon Lee / Sherron / Katrina
Careless (2017)Amanda
T.R.A.D.E (2017)Robin Stanton
Reed's Motel (2016)Amelia Reed
Short List (2015)Party girl
Chronos (2015)Special Agent Azerov / Special Agent Azarov
Fathers & Daughters (2014)Girlfriend
Possibly (2014)Girlfriend
Southern Roots (2013)Mother

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Tatiana Warden (birth name Tatiana Michailovna Feskova), was born in Kazakhstan then moved with her family to Germany, where she spent several years, and then Russia where she lived until she moved to US. She was always singing, dancing and performing on stage since the young age. She is now working in US film and TV industry.

Horoscope sign - Capricorn.

Tatiana has Russian, German, Bulgarian, Albanian, Belorussian and Komi-permyak ancestors.

Friends like to call Tatiana, Taty.

Tatiana received her first acting Award for the Best Lead Actress in the film Private Possession at Orlando Urban Film Festival/OIF Spring Flix in May 2018.