B.J. Colangelo

Birth Name:Unknown

Nicknames: None

Body Height: Unknown

Producers Filmography
Powerbomb (2020) 
Xenova (2017) 
Getting Over (2016) 
Margaret (2016) 
Love Is Dead (2016) 
Eat It Up (2015) 
Seven Minutes (2015) 
Abort (2014) 
Scum (2014) 
Directors Filmography
Powerbomb (2020) 
Deathcember (2019) 
Public Axis 3000 (2019) 
Margaret (2016) 
Abort (2014) 
Actors Filmography
Benny and Steve Almost Die (2020)Minerva
It Listens from the Radio (2020)Dolores 'The Rack' Romano
Public Axis 3000 (2019)Mistress X
The Hornet's Disciple and the Scars She Left (2018)Joanie
Halloween Spookies (2016)Nikki
Eat It Up (2015)Suzi Creamcheese
Prognosis (2015)Angela
Seven Minutes (2015)Leah
Snuffet (2014)Teacher / Baby Buttons
Selfs Filmography
Growing Up with I Spit on Your Grave (2019)Self
High School Stories: Scandals, Pranks, and Controversies (2006)Self