Neshima (2016)
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Neshima is a movie directed by Tommy Friedman and produced by Danielle Baker, Shoshana Chagall, Erin Dinsmore, Tommy Friedman, Brian Frye, Sergio Kopelev, Stephen Mickelsen, Lauren Selman, Mike Tenenberg and Cory Wess.

The Fantasy movie has a IMDB rating of 4.9

Runtime : 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Language: English.

Genres: Fantasy
Age Rating:

Country: USA.

Warring tribes desperately seek the fragments of a sacred crystal key, but when one piece is stolen, Princess Lakshmi must fulfill an ancient prophesy by leaving her tribe, reuniting the crystal, and opening the portal to Neshima.

Keywords: sword and sorcery

Shoshana Chagall, Erin Dinsmore, Vishwanath Iyer and Michael Geretz ... Full Cast Michael Anthony Young, Mike Tenenberg, Tommy Friedman, Nahesi Crawford, Ed Zajac, Shawn Kathryn Kane, Charlie Glackin, Danielle Baker, Mike Burnell, Michael Robert Moody Evans, Aaron Hammond, Fiammetta Cavatorta, Danny Morris, Larry Van Loon, Rhoads Osbourne, Ameris Frakes, Dianna DeMott, Demetria Safaee, Robyn Martin, Emerald Myung, Karleyne Ishima-Oien, Anne-Marie Fernando, Kathleen Fernando, Amber Fletcher, Daniel May, Jerry Wright, Chris Caton, Nate Rea, Tadd Melson, Tyler Burch, Ivan Bangs, John Ashcroft, Jerome Bourassa, Justin Shane, Sam Cohen, Devon Howard, Peter Mickelsen, Ann C. Smith, Paul Friedman, Tim Lang, Elvia Barragan, Gladys Barragan, Dianna Shattuck, Lauren Jeffers, Emilie Barnett, Liberty Bowen, Michelle Comer, Hayley Friedman Pogue, Kelsey Payne, Phillip D. Nguyen, Yoni Baker, Ian Holaday, Clarence Legaspi, Jorandy Chavez, Oscar Gamboa, Janett Arguiano, Leonard Sanches and Jair Real.
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