Baggage (2008)
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Baggage is a movie directed by Stephen Polk and produced by Tony Brock, Ralph Cooper, Matt Corrado, Cyn Dulay, Katie Fellion, David O'Connor, Damian Perkins, Stephen Polk, Patrick Roberts, Christian Rose, Catherine E. Rubey and John Yaworsky.

The Drama movie has a IMDB rating of 4.8

Runtime : 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Language: English.

Genres: Drama
Age Rating: PG

Country: USA.

Pediatrician by day, single mom by night, SARAH invites her estranged husband, PETE, back to their suburban home for the Holidays on one condition: he must reconcile with their daughters before she agrees to finalize a trial separation with divorce.

Keywords: christmas

Barry Bostwick, Cheryl Ladd, Julia Sobaski and Stephen Polk ... Full Cast Joshua Swanson, Rachael Dayne, Dan Flannery, Cyn Dulay, Mike Pusateri, Christian Rose, Anthony E. Cabral, Gregory A. Fazio, Rosa Isela Frausto, Larry Greene, Alec Holmes, Ligaya Keeley, Charlie Kierscht, Brian J. Kuzminski, Sherry Rosacker and Dion Strowhorn Sr..
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