Ladder 49 (2004)
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Ladder 49 is a movie directed by Jay Russell and produced by Armyan Bernstein, Manny Chavez, Anson Downes, Marty P. Ewing, Linda Favila, Jill Rachel Morris, Chris Salvaterra, Casey Silver and Leigh Simons.

The Action movie has a IMDB rating of 6.5

Runtime : 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Language: English.

Genres: Action, and Drama and Thriller
Age Rating: PG-13

Country: USA.

Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy, probationary firefighter Jack Morrison matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, now Deputy Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him.

Keywords: firefighter, fire, fire captain, burn, hero

Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barrett and Robert Patrick ... Full Cast Billy Burke, Balthazar Getty, Tim Guinee, Kevin Chapman, Jay Hernandez, Kevin Daniels, Steve Maye, Robert Lewis, Brooke Hamlin, Spencer Berglund, Karen Vicks, Desiree Care, Deidra LaWan Starnes, Peggy Cafferty, Marja Allen, Leslie Lyles, Robert Keiper, Robert G. McKay, Mark Yant, Richard Pilcher, John Lumia, Lynn Filusch, Robert O'Neill, Todd Cahoon, Jess King, J. Kevin Farmer, Delaney Williams, Charlene Williams, Rori D. Godsey, Dakota Lee Holloway, Carol Florence, Kyle Prue, Stan Stovall, Barbara Ward, Sean Pratt, Andrea La Bella, Yvonne Erickson, Dane Anton Aska III, Heather Seidle, Donna Dundon, Tony Rizzoli, Frank F. Snyder, Edward B. Grant, Nick Loren, Carrie Wilson, Patricia DiZebba, Michael Mack, Paul M. Novak Jr., William Goodwin, Martin O'Malley, Beau Russell, Brian Eric Alexander, Andrew Aninsman, James E. Ash, Tia Marie Beverly, Lloyd Booker, Eric Buarque, Kelly Anne Burns, Robert Randolph Caton, Andy Clark, Ronnie Connell, Bryan Deehring, Brandon DeGroat, Larry Derr, Robin Dorsey, John Calvin Doyle, Vince Eustace, Russell Gibson, Donald Imm, Rick Kain, Susan Kiskis, Lisa La Bonte, Paul Majors, David L. Marston, William McMeekan Jr., Chris McMullin, Kerry Meushaw, Christopher H. Myers, Gavin Peretti, Leo Rogstad, Shawn C Smith, Mack Syler, Andrea Tucker, Towanda Underdue, Michelle Valines, Blake Van Leer, Jayson Vance and Scott Yannick.
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