View Full Version : Check if already posted MOD

09-06-19, 15:55

2019 section and maybe others, the check title before posting mod is not working, it may just be an option not selected for that forum, please check the options and get back to me...

09-06-19, 21:38
The plugin doesnt have any option to enable/disable per forum, I don't remember adding one either.

09-07-19, 00:15
I had you add the modification a few years back before you made the 2019 section... if you need me to look for it in the Acp you will have to give me full permissions...

09-11-19, 20:46
Yes the plugin is installed, it doesn't have any options included. I meant I don't remember adding any custom code to make it work per forum section & don't see any.

09-11-19, 23:02
Yea, I think the newer posts take awhile to index... newer threads that are made already posted seem take a bit longer, the mod is prolly working fine...

09-16-19, 21:44
I did edit the plugin to exclude some forums, I will check some more tomorrow.


09-16-19, 22:07
Thanks for checking this for me, I knew somethn was strange with some of the newer year stream forums not finding anything like 2019 streaming movies...