View Full Version : Video Bug

08-14-18, 16:21
Adding YouTube Movie Trailers to posts

Using insert video sometimes shows this error and will not insert:

[PLAY] BBcode should contain a Valid URL.

08-25-18, 10:13
Video bug seems to be better....

09-03-18, 19:47
I improved it some more, you can now edit your topic if PLAY bbcode URL isn't valid.

http://some.com thing not a url

09-04-18, 22:14
A valid URL doesnt contain any spaces. :p

09-04-18, 22:49
the urls contain no spacing, usually I have a problem when editing links and adding others the previously showed, but adding more links that's when they they show invalid. When I switch the links around they work again... kinda confusing to explain but I can work with it.

09-04-18, 23:12
The urls above had a space near the end, its not there now.

If a URL doesn't work paste it into your browser, load the page then copy the link back to clipboard and it should then be valid.